Cessna in sky chase with F-16s

April 6: A dramatic chase of a single-engine Cessna 172 by F-16s from the Minnesota Air National Guard ended when the pilot made an emergency landing on Highway 60 in Ellsinore, Missouri, according to ABC News.
The pilot, 31-year-old Yavuz Berke, formerly known as Adam Leon, a naturalised Canadian citizen who was born in Turkey, is alleged to have stolen the aircraft from a Canadian Flying School at Thunder Bay International Airport, Ontario and flown towards the US, apparently ignoring air traffic commands. On entering American airspace over Michigan the F-16s were scrambled and shadowed the Cessna for nearly five hours as it made its way across the Midwest.
North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) reported that after the intercept took place, the pilot acknowledged the fighters but was unresponsive to specific non-verbal commands. The F-16s, initially scrambled out of Duluth, Minnesota, were replaced by fighters from the Wisconsin Air National Guard based out of Madison, Wisconsin, who then handed off the pursuit to Louisiana Air National Guard fighters from New Orleans.
Having landed on Highway 60, presumably because he was out of fuel, Berke attempted to flee but was arrested by Missouri State Highway Patrol officers. They reported that he claimed he had “wanted to be shot down by fighters” in an apparent suicide attempt – Canadian officials said Berke was believed to be receiving treatment for depression.