UK travel chaos and 737 slides off runway

December 23: On what is traditionally the busiest day for travel in the UK, icy conditions are causing chaos for travellers, both on the roads and in the air.
At Glasgow’s Prestwick Airport a Ryanair Boeing 737 skidded off the taxiway onto a grass verge after landing from Dublin, reports the BBC. None of the 135 passengers and crew were hurt in the incident, but the runway was shut for two hours until the aircraft could be pulled clear. In a statement Ryanair said “After a normal landing was completed and while taxiing from the runway the aircraft encountered ice and slid just off the runway on to the grass verge. Passengers disembarked normally and were bussed to the terminal.”
Other UK airports have been affected by snow, fog and ice and travellers are advised to check their flight’s status before setting off.