Iraqi Airways’ “nightmare flight”

May 4: News Agency AFP reports that the first commercial flight by Iraqi Airways to the UK on April 28 turned into a “nightmare” as lawyers acting on behalf of Kuwait Airways tried to seize the aircraft.
Kuwait is trying to get recompense for ten aircraft lost in the 1990 invasion by Saddam Hussein, says the report. Up to $1.2 billion is being sought by Kuwait Airways, and it attempted to seize the Boeing 737 as it landed at London’s Gatwick Airport, only to be thwarted when it was realised the aircraft was leased from a Swedish company.
Lawyers acting for Kuwait Airways managed to convince authorities at Gatwick that the boss of Iraqi Airways, Kifah Hassan, should be prevented from leaving, his passport and travel documents being confiscated and the aircraft impounded. Hassan may be forced to detail the assets of the state-run Iraqi Airways before a London court, reports the Daily Telegraph.