Saab receives Remote ATM accolade

Defence and security company Saab has together with the LFV Group received an award for their joint work on remote air traffic management (ATM).
The award is given by the european development project SESAR, where European air traffic control of the future is being developed.
“There is a great interest in the ability to control the air traffic at several airports from a single air traffic control central,” says Ann Kullberg, business developer at Saab and responsible for Saab´s participation within SESAR.
“We are at an advanced stage in the development, which is acknowledged by this award that we have been given together with the LFV Group.”
The assignment of the award-winning project is to define the requirements of the operative concept of remote air traffic management.
The project is managed by the LFV Group in collaboration with Saab and air traffic services in Norway, Estonia and Finland. Saab´s role in the project is to support the LVF Group and the other participants with technical solutions.
“This the most accomplished European project and the one that is closest to realization within the scope of SESAR. The project follows the time plan, delivers measurable results and and has been documented in a way that enables air traffic safety authorities to take active part,” says Patrick Ky, Executive Director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking.
Remote air traffic management makes it possible to ensure ATM also at smaller airports that only receives limited air traffic. In December 2010, Saab signed a contract with the LFV Group to provide the airports of Sundsvall and Ornskoldsvik with remote air traffic management.