New green ATM bid INSPIRES partners

Airports Authority of India, Airservices Australia and ATNS South Africa – have announced the creation of the Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions (INSPIRE).
Representatives from each organisation took part in a special signing ceremony during the CANSO ATM Dinner on 7 March in Amsterdam.
The agreement was signed by V. Somasundaram, Board Member (ANS), Airports Authority of India; Greg Russell, Chief Executive Officer, Airservices Australia; and Mpho Mamashela, Chairman, ATNS South Africa. Mubarak Al Nakhi, Acting Strategic Management Manager, Abu Dhabi Department of Transport served as a witness.
The INSPIRE Partners recognise the significant growth in air travel during 2010 in the Middle East (21 per cent) and Asia-Pacific (12.9 per cent), as well as the positive outlook for growth in Africa, India and airspace over the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.
Against this backdrop, the INSPIRE partners have agreed to pursue the delivery of ATM efficiencies and reduce the output of greenhouse gasses from aviation, in accordance with ICAO Assembly Resolution A37-19.
Accordingly, the INSPIRE Partners will aim to work closely with airlines and other aviation stakeholders in the region to:
* accelerate the development and implementation of operational procedures to reduce the environmental footprint for all phases of flight on an operation by operation basis, from gate to gate
* facilitate worldwide interoperability of environmentally friendly procedures and standards
* capitalise on existing technology and best practices
* develop shared performance metrics to measure improvements in the environmental performance of the air transport system and
* provide a systematic approach to ensure appropriate mitigation actions with short, medium and long-term results.