First EGNOS LPV procedure operational at Pau

The first LPV approaches can now be flown from 17 March at Pau Airport, a key milestone for EGNOS-based services implementation in France and across Europe ECAC area.
EGNOS service provider ESSP officially declared the start of the EGNOS Safety-of-Life Service following authorisation by the European Commission on 2 March.
Once the EGNOS SoL Service has been declared available, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) can start the process for the implementation of EGNOS-based services, in particular vertically guided approach procedures based on EGNOS (LPV approaches).
In line with the Single European Sky Regulation, ANSPs planning to implement such navigation services may need first to sign an EGNOS Working Agreement (EWA) with ESSP based on the requirements from the corresponding National Supervisory Authority.
Maurice Georges, ESSP President and DSNA CEO (DSNA is the French ANSP), officially signed the first EGNOS Working Agreement at the ATC Global Event in Amsterdam on 8 March.
This allowed DSNA to start publishing EGNOS LPV or Localizer Precision with Vertical guidance procedures in French airports.