Era Surface System Operational in Madrid

SRA Subsidiary Era has deployed MSS ADS-B and Multilateration Surveillance System for Spanish ANSP Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navegacion Aerea (AENA) at the Madrid-Barajas Airport.
The solution, which was installed in partnership with EMTE Sistemas, utilizes Era´s MSS multilateration and ADS-B surveillance system, and is the first multilateration surface solution fully deployed in Spain.
Madrid-Barajas Airport is Spain´s largest and busiest airport, and was ranked as the world´s 11th busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic in 2008.
The airport spreads over 34 square kilometres and demanded a highly complex, yet easily adaptable surveillance solution to ensure optimal coverage over the entire airport surface.
The Era solution provides coverage with accuracy greater than 7.5 meters on the surface, 20 meters for airborne aircraft within 2.5 nautical miles of the airport and 40 meters within five nautical miles of the airport.
“We are extremely proud of the surface system that we have deployed at the Madrid-Barajas Airport, as it was one of the largest and most intricate systems we have ever delivered,” said Era Systems Corporation Senior Vice President Kevin Layton.
“Era´s delivery experts have once again proven their ability to deliver a highly technical system to the full satisfaction of the customer-a feat only possible with our engineers´ extensive and varied experience.”
“Due to its size and complexity, the implementation of this system faced numerous technical challenges, during which Era and its partner EMTE Sistemas displayed a high degree of engineering skill, tenacity and, most of all, commitment to customer satisfaction,” said AENA Head of Navigation and Surveillance Miguel Angel Salamanca Bueno.