Industry fixed on FAB evolution: survey

The ATM industry’s short-term ambitions are focused on the development of Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) and the Network Manager, according to a recent survey by an independent consultancy.
The seventh Helios ATM Industry Survey was conducted online during February 2011 and at Helios’ stand at this year’s ATC Global in Amsterdam.
It attracted 150 respondents from across the aviation spectrum and saw an increase in respondents from aircraft operators, airspace users, and CAA/Regulators.
“FABS are clearly seen as the most important element, but while the majority of respondents would like to see far fewer air traffic control centres, there are differing views amongst stakeholders as to whether there should be a reduction to one per FAB,” says Helios.
It says other elements like the Performance Scheme, SESAR and EASA perhaps need a longer gestation.
“That they exist, and are beginning to make their presence felt in day-to-day management decisions of ANSPs, airport operators and airlines, should see confidence grow that at long last the right tools are in place to drive ATM performance improvements,” it adds.
More than 80% of respondents were based in Europe, other parts of the world were also represented: North America 6%, Asia Pacific 6%, Middle East 3%, Africa 3%.
For its 2011 ATM Industry Survey, Helios asked seven questions to assess
how SES II was progressing, what the priorities are, and how likely deadlines will be met and promises delivered.
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