Jeppesen launches digital charting solution

Jeppesen introduces the Express JeppView digital charting solution that replaces paper terminal charts and procedures for the general and small business aviation markets.
Express JeppView digital charting services are also now available through the Jeppesen Mobile TC charting App for iPad at no additional charge for digital charting subscribers.
Express JeppView services now provide digital charting and procedure information for the same geographic coverage regions currently available with the Jeppesen Airway Manual Express paper charting service, with digital chart subscription services.
The new Express JeppView solution provides digital bi-weekly revisions on the traditional Airway Manual cycle and eliminates the need to file paper revisions, which reduces pilot workload.
“General and small business aviation operators now have a low cost, low risk and high quality digital solution for Jeppesen charts that replace paper charts in the cockpit,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Portfolio Management, Aviation.
General aviation operators will now be able to access terminal chart and procedure information through an iPad at no additional charge, using the Jeppesen Mobile TC App.
Supplemental paper enroute and area charts with legend information and chart change notices are included at no additional charge with Express JeppView terminal chart subscriptions.
No initial software fees are associated with Express JeppView subscriptions and individual trip kits are available for each coverage region, providing a complete set of charts for a pilots typical flying area.
Express JeppView customers receive four site keys with their subscription to load Jeppesen digital charts on up to four mobile computing devices for planning, operation or backup purposes.
One site key is needed to download the Jeppesen Mobile TC App available through the App Store on iPad or at
Additionally, Jeppesen has introduced a new low cost paper charting solution that provides smaller coverage areas and requires less paper chart maintenance. The Express Paper solution from Jeppesen replaces the long-standing Airway Manual Express paper chart service. Express Paper serves as a transitional solution to move operators from traditional paper chart coverage to new digital chart services.
With revisions and updates every two weeks, Express Paper is a lower cost version of the Airway Manual Express service, which eliminates multiple volume charts and 56-day chart replacements. Serving as a transition from paper to digital services, much of the supplemental paper chart information with the Express Paper solution is now available online, to reduce paper in the cockpit.