Swiss controllers accept maximum pay cap for extra vacation

Skyguide and its two staff associations representing the company´s administrative, operational and technical (AOT) personnel formally signed a new Collective Labour Agreement.
The new accord, which follows extensive negotiations between Skyguide and the associations´ committees, was approved by association members at the end of last month.
The members of the staff associations Syndicom and VPOD (Verband des Personals öffentlicher Dienste, the public service employees´ union) accepted the proposed new Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) for AOT personnel at the end of April by clear majorities.
The resulting accord will be valid for five years. In concluding the new CLA, the social partners agreed that:

•Skyguide´s AOT personnel will now enjoy a guaranteed annual inflation-based salary adjustment, together with a small real-terms salary increase effective 1 March 2012.
•The maximum salaries earnable have been slightly reduced for all salary bands. This in turn will limit increases in the company´s total salary amounts.
•In return, AOT personnel will enjoy two additional days of annual vacation from 2011, and a third from 2013. The new increased annual vacation entitlement compensates the employees concerned for the lower salary trends that will result from the above salary band adjustments.
•The variable performance-based salary component is now linked to the achievement of company performance targets.
•Paternity leave has been increased from two to ten days.
The new CLA and its annexes enter into retroactive effect from 1 March 2011.

“We are very pleased with this new Collective Labour Agreement for our AOT personnel,” confirms Robert Stadler, Head of Engineering & Technical Services and leader of the skyguide CLA negotiating team. “With this new accord, the social partners have reached an agreement that is beneficial to both our employees and our company as a whole. And this strong social partnership, together with the long-term nature of our personnel policy, will provide us with the soundest of foundations from which to tackle the challenges ahead.”

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