Perth on volcanic ash watch

Meteorologists and air traffic management officers are closely monitoring a large body of volcanic ash
approaching Perth from the south-west today.
The ash is expected to affect flights to and from Western Australia as early as this afternoon, depending on wind and weather conditions.
Ash has largely dissipated from around Adelaide, with most flights expected to resume today.
Tasmania and New Zealand remain ash affected with airlines reassessing flights to these locations during the day.
The northern boundary of the ash cloud which affected flights from Melbourne and Adelaide over the past 48 hours is now located over Bass Strait.
The bottom of the ash cloud approaching Western Australia is at a lower level than that seen on the east coast, and is expected to cover a band between 15,000ft-35000ft (4.5km-10.5km)
Airservices Australia is closely monitoring the progress of this ash with the assistance of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) in Darwin.
Airservices traffic management officers in our National Operations Centre are continuing to work with airlines to minimise disruptions wherever possible.
Air traffic controllers are continuing to provide full services to all operating aircraft and are liaising with counterparts in New Zealand to ensure services between the two countries can return to normal as soon as possible.