First COOPANS Thales ATC system goes operational

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has been the first COOPANS member to set in operation the COOPANS Eurocat ATC system in both Shannon and Dublin air traffic control in April and May respectively.
The operational transition of the COOPANS Eurocat ATC system is a major achievement for the long term partnership between the five COOPANS air navigationservice providers, namely IAA (Ireland), LFV (Sweden), Naviair (Denmark), Austro Control (Austria), Croatia Control (Croatia) and Thales as the Eurocat system supplier.
Following this successful commissioning, the same system will be progressively deployed in the five remaining ATC centres of the four other COOPANS members, in Malmö, Copenhagen, Stockholm (2012), in Vienna (2013) and in Zagreb (2014).
As a result of this unprecedented collaboration, the COOPANS Eurocat system will be the first fully harmonised ATC system to be operational in five different national airspaces controlling over 1.3 million IFR flights per year.
This initiative is a key enabler for the implementation of the Functional Airspace Block model defined in the Single European Sky legislation. COOPANS delivers a high level of standardisation of ATC operations and procedures for the benefits of all members and in line with the Single European Sky objectives.
This first operational step paves the way for cost-efficient introduction of new ATM concepts in the COOPANS Eurocat system as a result of the SESAR programme. In fact, the COOPANS Eurocat system is the foundation for the validation of upcoming SESAR experiments such as the initial 4D-trajectory-based operation.
This first COOPANS operational success demonstrates Thales outstanding expertise to deliver large and state-of-the-art ATC systems to the full satisfaction of the customers. COOPANS is also a clear demonstration of Thales ability to work collaboratively with ANSPs and implement innovative business models aiming at achieving full ATC centres harmonisation in Europe.
By working closely together on a daily basis, COOPANS ANSP members and Thales have developed a long term relationship showing mutual trust and confidence, while working together to deliver a clear COOPANS roadmap for the future.