LightSquared’s “solution” a non-starter: GPS lobby group

The Coalition to Save Our GPS has branded LightSquared’s “hastily arrived at Hail Mary ‘solution,” adding that GPS interference will still occur even if it just uses the lower L-band frequencies.
The lobby group says LightSquared sought quick FCC action on its plans to deploy 40,000 ground stations and a tight deadline for conducting the industry’s Technical Working Group study on the problem of interference with GPS signals. But LightSquared then asked for postponement of the deadline for completing the interference study and unilaterally – before either completion or submission of the study – announced its so-called “solution” for it.
“All this came out of the blue, without the knowledge, agreement or consensus of the industry group studying the problem,” it says.
“That may well be because virtually nothing has actually changed in this “new” proposal relative to what LightSquared pledged at the outset of testing. The power levels don’t change. Nor do the frequencies. In fact, the only thing that has changed is the order in which the channels within the band adjacent to GPS would be deployed,” says the Coalition.