UAE/Romania sign open skies pact

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority has signed an “open” Air Services Agreement (ASA) with the Republic of Romania.
This Agreement was initialed by the Civil Aviation authorities of both countries on 15 October 2008 and its signature will boost the cooperation in the air transport sector.
Delegations from UAE General Civil Aviation Authority and General Directorate of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure attended the signing ceremony.
The Agreement allows any number of designated airlines of both parties to perform scheduled air services, with any capacities, numbers of frequencies and types of aircraft, whether owned or leased, by the Designated Airlines of each country in any type of service (passenger or cargo) on the routes between Romania and the UAE. The agreement also includes, in addition to unrestricted third and fourth freedoms, the possibility to exercise fifth freedom traffic rights while operating all-cargo services.
It is known that international air transport is governed by the principle of national sovereignty, and this places legal restrictions on air traffic.
To remove these restrictions, liberalisation involves establishing a number of ‘freedoms’ as defined in international Air Services Agreements.