Green Light for Green Flights: INSPIRE

The green light has been given for a series of green demonstration flights to be operated by Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and Virgin Australia between the UAE and Australia, on 16th and 22nd July 2011.
The decision was announced at the completion of an international teleconference hosted by Etihad Airways, which brought together the partners and peer members of the “Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions” (INSPIRE).
According to the INSPIRE Chairman, the demonstration flights involve the collaborative efforts of 9 ANSPs and 4 Airlines as well as other industry organisations.
The purpose of the green demonstration flights is to establish the best-case fuel and emissions scenario and to develop the “Perfect Flight” benchmark on a gate-to-gate basis.
On the 16th July, Etihad Airways will operate an INSPIRE demonstration flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, while Emirates Airline will operate from Dubai to Brisbane. Emirates will also operate a demonstration flight from Perth to Dubai on the same day. Virgin Australia will conduct its green flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney on the 22nd July.
These flights are a follow-on from the successful INSPIRE demonstration flight undertaken by South African Airways between Perth and Johannesburg in March 2011. Following the completion of data analysis, it is expected that the results will be published toward the end of August.