Croatia Control joins COOPANS

Croatia Control has become the sixth full member of the COOPANS association, joining the Irish Aviation Authority, LFV (Sweden), Naviair (Denmark), Austro Control and air traffic management (ATM) system supplier Thales ATM.
COOPANS is a cooperative agreement between ANSPs and industry whose purpose is to harmonise completely the existing Eurocat ATM systems and to agree, reduce and share the costs of further system upgrades.
The first of these system upgrades have gone live in the IAA, Shannon 18th of April 2011 and Dublin 9th of May 2011 , for Naviair and LFV in 2012 Austro Control in 2013 and Croatia in 2014. Total costs, which are shared between the ANSPs, amount to €125 million to date. This is quoted to be over 30% less compared to each ANSP performing the necessary evolution on an individual basis. Also, the risks associated with the introduction of completely new ATM systems are reduced through this new incremental approach.
The COOPANS agreement also caters for any essential requirements necessitated by the Single European Sky initiative. It demonstrates the intent of IAA, Naviair, LFV, Austro Control and Croatia Control to collaborate in a way which will bring real benefits to airlines whilst embracing the spirit of the Single European Sky move towards interoperability and harmonised ATM systems.

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