Mobile phones blamed for instrument problems: IATA

Pilots and crews have told the International Air Transport Association that between 2003 and 2009, mobile phones, iPods, laptops and other equipment all caused problems.
A total of 26 of the incidents affected flight controls, including the autopilot, autothrust and landing gear, according to the report seen by ABC News.
A further 17 reports concerned navigations systems, there were 15 incidents of interference affecting communications systems and 13 triggered warnings including “engine indications”.
During one flight electronic devices are believed to have caused the autopilot to disengage at 4,500ft.
The report says: ““The autopilot disengaged by itself and the associated warnings/indications came on. [Flight attendants] were immediately advised to look out for PAX [passengers] operating electronic devices,” the report says. “[Attendants] reported that there were 4 PAX operated electronic devices (one handphone and three iPods).”

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