Clean Sky launches latest call for green ops proposals

The next Clean Sky call for proposals features more than €2 million worth of work for businesses specialised in trajectory and mission management.
Clean Sky is Europe’s aeronautical research programme to develop breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performance of aircraft and air transport, resulting in less noisy and more fuel efficient aircraft, a key contribution in achieving the Single European Sky environmental objectives.
The Clean Sky JTI (Joint Technology Initiative) was established in 2008 as a unique Public-Private Partnership between the European Commission and industry. It will be managed by the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CSJU) until the end of 2017.
Among the provisional list of opportunities to feature within the tenth call is a €750,000 contract to develop an electronic flight bag platform with integrated A-WXR and Q-AI Agents SW in addition to an €1.39 million contract to develop a ground power electric system with energy recycling.
The Clean Sky JU will deliver demonstrators in all segments of civil air transport, grouped into six technological areas called ´Integrated Technology Demonstrators´ (ITD).
The Systems for Green Operations (SGO) area is co-led by Liebherr and Thales and focuses on all electrical aircraft equipment and system architectures, thermal management, capabilities for environmentally-friendly trajectories and missions, and improved ground operations to give any aircraft the capability to fully exploit the benefits of the ‘Single European Sky.
Its remit in terms of management of trajectory and mission capabilities includes complete flight profiles optimised for multi criteria, including environmental impact.
For operations on the ground, a highly integrated system, using a wheel embedded electrical motor for aircraft motion on the airport surface will be developed.
Demonstrations will include the flight testing of mature architectures, as well as the use of ground based hardware test rigs, notably thermal and electrical benches for energy and operational labs for trajectory and missions