Latest apsXML eAIP upgrade deployed

Managed-AIS´s latest contribution to update the EAD system has been successfully tested by EUROCONTROL and has now been deployed for use by aeronautical publications specialists in 20 countries.
The Release 6 (R6) included some important changes in the eAIP software.
The R6 release and its content
The release 6 version of the eAIP subsystem software included a number of major changes. In particular, the systems tools for creating and maintaining ICAO standard AIP tables using AIXM data have been extended. The tools capabilities now include the creation of individual aerodrome section (AD 2, AD 3, AD 4) tables using EAD AIXM data. All tables created from AIXM data in the software are updated with the latest data during the eAIP production cycle.
Another change allows users to specify whether AIXM data used in the eAIP is formatted to ICAO recommended resolution or using the highest resolution available in the database. As with other upgrades to the eAIP software, the focus is on letting the users choose a principle of optional, additional features is used to avoid forcing users to change their documents.
A permanent desire for performance
The 43 changes in the upgrade were verified by EUROCONTROL and EAD having successfully passed rigorous testing. This guarantee of quality is one reason why apsXML has proved so popular.
Managed-AIS, a specialist aeronautical information solutions company, deliver aeronautical information software, services and training all over the world. One of the main objectives of their team is to keep on upgrading their software to always make it more powerful and efficient in order to satisfy their clients. This latest success has delivered a new upgrade to apsXML, the worlds most widely used eAIP software.
EAD (the European AIS Database) is a centralized reference database of quality-assured aeronautical information for airspace users and an integrated AIS solution for service providers, provided by the EUROCONTROL Member States. With 53 licensed users of apsXML through the EAD in 20 countries, the importance of their collaboration is paramount.
The upgrades aren´t limited to the software the training has also been upgraded. The big news about M-AIS training is the brand new use of tablets (pictured). Tablets have been widely acknowledged as an amazing new tool for study; intuitive and easy to use. After the eAIP has moved people from using paper AIPs we are applying this same spirit to our training.