Denver controller dismissed after testing positive

ABC News reports that a 25-year veteran Denver air traffic controller has been removed from duty after he tested positive for alcohol while on the job.
The controller was six hours into an eight-hour shift at the Denver Center, which oversees aircraft flying in more than nine states, when Federal Aviation Administration officials entered the center to administer drug and alcohol testing.
The test revealed that the controller was above the legal limit for blood-alcohol content for controllers, which is less than .02, while for automobile drivers, the limit is .08.
The controller has since been removed from duty and is in an alcohol rehabilitation facility,
The head of the union representing air traffic controllers also issued a statement. “We take our responsibility of ensuring aviation safety very seriously. That includes acting professionally in all that we do. … . Thus, the incident is deeply troubling. We … will continue to work to keep our airspace system the world´s safest,” said Paul Rinaldi, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

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