Managed-AIS formally complete buyout

Aeronautical information software and services company, Managed-AIS have formally completed the five year buyout process from former parent company Mekon.
The process came to an end at a meeting in Edinburgh, UK, site of Managed-AIS´ offices.
Representatives of Managed-AIS and Mekon completed the handover with a peppercorn payment of 1p and some champagne, concluding the management buyout started in 2006.
In 2006, Andrew Barrett and Jonathan Calder led a management buyout of the Mekon-AIS department from within Mekon to form a new company (Mekon AIS (Scotland) Ltd.
The new company took over all software in the APS and AIXM product ranges, as well as fulfilling all maintenance contracts and ongoing contractual requirements. In the first year Mekon AIS doubled in size and turnover and in 2007 the name was changed to Managed AIS.
Since then, Managed-AIS have gone from strength to strength. The company has expanded considerably consolidating its position as the the provider of the world´s number one software for eAIP production – FrameAPS.
The company´s involvement in pioneering technologies such as eAIP and AIXM has continued in 2011 with the launch of Mobile AIP a service to allow States to publish their AIP and VFR documents on mobile devices as Apps.
Mobile AIP forms one strand of a new development in the way aeronautical information is distributed. Aeronautical Information Management on demand (AIM on demand) combines Managed-AIS´ experience with aeronautical information and electronic document delivery to distribute official aeronautical information resources in a way that end users such as pilots can easily make use of.
This is part of a wider trend where readily available tablet computers such as the iPAD are being used as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).
Managed-AIS use internationally known device platforms such as iOS and android and work with the state providers of aeronautical information to provide an official channel for disseminating information onto mobile devices.

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