ADS-B Technologies and Globalstar connect on NextGen

ADS-B Technologies ALAS system will use Globalstar’s network of satellites and ground stations to provide both ADS-B surveillance and communications services for NextGen air traffic control.
To help meet the NextGen agenda for air traffic management Alaskan based ADS-B Technologies LLC has teamed with Globalstar, Inc. to develop a worldwide leading edge satellite based air traffic control management system.
On July 13 six new second-generation Globalstar satellites were successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, using the Soyuz launch vehicle.
“This means that Globalstar is halfway to its goal of adding 24 new second-generation satellites to its constellation,” said Robert “Skip” Nelson president of ADS-B Technologies LLC.
“And with these new satellites, ADS-B Technologies is now almost halfway to our goal of creating a system that can someday provide satellite based ADS-B on a global scale.”
ADS-B Technologies LLC, of Anchorage has an agreement with Globalstar, Inc announced on May 10, 2011 to use its proprietary ADS-B Link Augmentation System ALAS™ technology on Globalstar´s Second – Generation satellite network.
“Our tests confirm that Globalstar’s robust ‘bent-pipe’ architecture is incredibly reliable and fast,” said Nelson. “This is the only practical platform that can provide an over the horizon, real time, Air Traffic Control – quality surveillance system using a certified air traffic control protocol like ADS-B.”
The ALAS™ system will use Globalstar’s network of satellites and ground stations to provide both ADS-B surveillance and communications services. “The system will be compatible with virtually any 978 Megahertz Universal Access Transceiver, or 1090 MHz Extended Squitter (ES) ADS-B avionics source,” Nelson said. “The higher data transfer rate that Globalstar’s new constellation will provide is absolutely necessary for ADS-B link augmentation.”
The ALAS™ system is designed to augment existing ADS-B networks commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration as well as systems in Australia and Europe to create trans-oceanic and remote services well out of the range of conventional ground based networks. It also has the potential to offer the real-time backhaul of Flight Data Recorder information, UAS sensor data, bi-directional meteorological data and bi-directional voice in a wide range of avionics and air traffic management applications.
According to ADS-B Technologies Director, Dr. Fred Fish, “So far, industry response and peer reviews have been quite positive. Airborne testing and the certification process will continue for another year or so and we’re on schedule for an initial commercial demonstration sometime in mid-2013.”
ADS-B Technologies made the first public announcement of this new ADS-B peripheral system at the Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Conference in Herndon, VA in May 2010. ADS-B Technologies is an air traffic management engineering and consulting firm based in Anchorage, Alaska. Since 2004, it has been supporting advances in Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) technology in the U.S. and around the world.

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