Airtel ATN acquires Aviation Data Systems IP rights

Airtel ATN has acquired the sole rights to the Intellectual Property from ADS (Aviation Data Systems Australia).
ADS provides both independent platform and PC based hardware and software systems that allow developers and users of Data Link systems to emulate and engage in Data Link operations between a ground station and an aircraft. The primary purpose of many ADS´s systems is to replace either the aircraft system or the ground station system in test and development configurations.
Airtel ATN has partnered with ADS since 2007 years providing VDL Test Tools to Air/Ground Communicator Service Providers (ACSPs) and Avionics Manufacturers. The combination of Airtel ATN and ADS solutions provide a definitive ATN test environment for testing air or ground installations, in the laboratory or out in the field over VDL Radios (VDRs).
Test Tools account for a quarter of Airtel ATNs current sales and this is expected to grow due to the expanded product line, said Frank OConnor, Airtel ATN CEO. The acquisition of ADS technology further consolidates Airtel ATNs leading position in the emerging ATN test environment.
ADS has more than twenty years in the development of electronics and software for commercial aviation related applications. The companys technology focus grew from its initial developments for ACARS systems, to VDL Mode 2 and ATN technologies including CPDLC.
All ADS products will now be integrated into the wider Airtel ATN portfolio.