INSPIRE Yields Substantial Fuel and CO2 Savings

Airservices played a central role in servicing two international Emirates flights through Australian airspace in mid-July that yielded substantial savings in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
Results from the flights showed a combined total saving of over 6,250 litres of fuel and more than 16 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.
As part of the Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions (INSPIRE) programme, Airservices air traffic controllers, in cooperation with other air navigation service providers and airports in the region, afforded Emirates flights UAE425, from Perth to Dubai, and UAE434, from Dubai to Brisbane (both operated using a Boeing 777) with best practice air traffic procedures during every phase of the flights, from gate to gate.
Based on the airline’s 63 weekly flights to and from Australia, the annual savings from INSPIRE would be in the order of 2.47 million litres of fuel and saves and approximately 6,850 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to around 49,000 tanks of fuel for an average sized car or the volume of one Olympic-sized swimming pool.
The INSPIRE programme promotes the improved environmental impact of a ‘perfect flight’ with minimal ground delays, expedient taxi to take-off, gradual climb and descent paths and flying direct optimum routes based on existing meteorological and airspace conditions.
Airservices General Manager Air Traffic Control Jason Harfield said the Emirates flights flew on company preferred routes within Australian upper airspace.
“On arrival, the Emirates flight was provided with unrestricted descent directly to final approach and the shortest taxi route to the gate,” Mr Harfield said.
Emirates Captain Alan Stealey, Divisional Senior Vice President Flight Operations said the INSPIRE flights are only one example of the airline’s continuous efforts to reduce its environmental impact and commitment to a greener future.
“These flights illustrate that Emirates’ long-term strategy to address the environmental concerns of our customers, our partners and our industry has become a part of the everyday operating fabric of our organisation, not just something we recognise once a year,” Captain Stealey said.
Results from the INSPIRE programme will be used to establish a programme that could ultimately lead to the achievement of these fuel and emissions savings on an ongoing basis.