Indra implements first four radar stations in India

Four of nine radar stations which Indra will help India to enhance air traffic management are already in service.
The Chennai, Bellary, Bhopal and Porbandar radar stations are now equipped with secondary radars and mode S aircraft identification technology.
The systems passed the different tests established by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) in order to guarantee correct performance of the systems which are already in service for flight management.
As for the remaining five radar systems, they have all passed the factory acceptance tests in compliance with AAI’s strict schedule. The radars will be gradually implemented in their final destinations and eight out of the nine systems are expected to become operational. This way, Indra proves its capacity to meet the demanding requirements of the project.
The multinational company was awarded this contract in 2010 to deploy nine radar surveillance systems which will be responsible for the 80 per cent of the country’s airspace. Besides this, the company will also equip 38 airports with its automated air traffic management system.

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