CANSO hits back at critics of European ANSP performance

CANSO, the civil air navigation services organisation has hit back at criticism that European ANSPs are performing badly following the publication of the recent independent Performance Review Body (PRB) report.
CANSO Director General Graham Lake said: “Remarkable progress has already been made by our Members, the airspace managers, in coordinating, harmonising and consolidating efficiency plans that will deliver real savings, and agreeing on mechanisms for their delivery, measurement and assessment.”
Lake said CANSO together with its airline and airport partners both in Europe and beyond, recognise that a safe, efficient and cost-effective air traffic management system is crucial to the continued growth of air transport.
European Member States were asked to submit plans by June 2011 to the Commission for the Single European Sky (SES) II Performance Scheme that will deliver incremental savings of 3.5% to airspace users each year for the period 2012-2014.
“Managing and improving the safe and efficient growth of the air transport system is extremely complex. The EU SES II Performance Scheme provides the industry with new tools to address the challenges of managing airspace costs on a Europe wide basis,” said Lake.
He said CANSO’s European ANSP members are working on additional refinements to the National Performance Plans that have been developed in order to deliver the full saving which is in excess of 10% over the period 2012-2014.
Lake noted that the independent Performance Review Body (PRB) report ´celebrated´ the fact that for the first time, 26 national and two regional Functional Airspace Block (FAB) Performance Plans have been developed in a harmonised way and in consultation with airspace users. “These Performance Plans constitute a very solid and encouraging base for future improvement,” said Lake.
He pointed out that Peter Griffiths, Chairman of the PRB noted the achievements of the Performance Plans in the opening statement of the Final Report: “After three years of work, and for the first such planning cycle, the results are significant: there is only a little way to go in order to reach the agreed EU-wide targets. The plans will need to be fine tuned accordingly.”
Lake said CANSO and its members were ready and willing to explore every opportunity to further transform industry performance.