FABEC states assumes operational status

FABEC has initiated the formal change from project status to operational status following its first provisional Council meeting held on October 19.
By building up the structures almost one and half years before the formal deadline set by the European Commission, the six FABEC States Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Switzerland says they are strongly underlining their commitment to improve cooperation in air navigation services to enhance safety, capacity and flight efficiency in the FABEC airspace.
The FABEC Council will be the main governance body of the FABEC Cooperation as laid down in the FABEC Treaty which is under national ratification.
To safeguard the progress and to develop concrete improvements, the FABEC Council will be supported by several committees and the FABEC States Bureau.
In addition, the FABEC Council decided to establish an Air Navigations Service Provider Consultative Board whose task is to advise the FABEC Council on air navigation services aspects.
All FABEC bodies are composed of civil and military representatives and will be provisional until the FABEC Treaty has been ratified by all countries.
FABEC brings together the six states of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, their civil and military air navigation service providers as well as EUROCONTROL´s four-State air traffic control centre in Maastricht.
The civil FABEC ANSPs employ a total of 17,700 people of which 5,400 are traffic controllers. Around 55 % of all European traffic takes place in the FABEC area.