Cassidian digital radio for Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Cassidian has won a contract to extend its TETRAPOL digital radio network to cover the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt,
currently the largest airport project in Europe.
Under a Europe-wide invitation to tender, Berlin Airports has also commissioned Cassidian to deliver, install and maintain an indoor radio system for the new airport´s TETRAPOL network and for the BOS digital radio system.
The new airport´s internal radio communication system needs to be extremely secure, efficient and cost-effective.
The extension of the existing TETRAPOL digital radio system to cover the airport´s outside premises essentially involves adapting the TETRAPOL infrastructure (e.g. digital switching system, synchronised base stations and configuration equipment).
The system is also to be extended to connect the airport´s new security control centre to the radio network.
Cassidian will carry out training sessions for airport staff to ensure the system can be handled without difficulty.
The indoor radio system being delivered will serve internal radio communications within the airport´s buildings via the existing TETRAPOL system and will also integrate the BOS digital radio system.
To this end, it will be connected to the airport´s existing TETRAPOL base stations and the TETRA base stations of the authorities. The latter will exclusively be used for communications between BOS participants at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The indoor radio system will mainly serve the newly built passenger terminal including Pier Nord (North Pier) and Pier Sud (South Pier) as well as other airport buildings such as the fire station, the tower and the ground handling service facilities.