European ATM modernisation ramps up with SESAR validation exercises

The majority of the 29 initial validation exercises crucial to the modernisation of European air traffic management will take place between November and January.
These will be executed by the members of the SESAR industry initiative in cooperation with representatives of staff associations and national aviation authorities as part of the first wave of tests.
These validation exercises – which together form called what is called the first SESAR Release – follow on from seven validation exercises completed earlier this year.
“This intense first validation campaign is crucial to ensure that the so far developed SESAR technologies and procedures meet the expectations and needs of their future users,” said SESAR.
As one example, a three day live trial to validate the SESAR dynamic Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) concept started on 8 November. The aim of this concept is to improve air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) by 2013.
It aims to reduce traffic complexity and streamline air traffic controller workload, thus improving capacity and safety.
The trial involves Flight Management Positions (FMPs) from London, Reims and Maastricht, the Network Manager and eleven airlines.