Horizon Air receives RNP 0.3 approval

Horizon Air has announced its Operations Specifications Approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Required Navigation Performance (RNP) 0.3.
This is the first such authorization obtained for an operator of a turboprop aircraft (Bombardier Q400) for RNP with Authorization Required (AR) and the first RNP AR based on a SBAS platform.
The benefits of RNP AR are a direct result from procedure design flexibility, reduced obstacle clearance areas, and curved flight paths. Benefits of RNP AR include:
· Safety: Reduced Control Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) risk compared to visual approaches. Also, there is a stabilized approach with constant descent final angle.
· Operations Efficiency: Increased airport access (curved and contained trajectories and lower minima), resulting in fewer weather-related delays and diversions. There is also increased performance from more reliable and repeatable flight paths and reduced flight time due to optimized routing.
· Environment: Reduced fuel, emissions, and noise resulting in a small environmental footprint.
According to Scott Campbell, Director of Airline and Military Marketing for Universal Avionics, “Horizon Air is an industry leader at adopting the latest technology to make their operations safer and more efficient.” Scott added, “Horizon Air has been a long-time customer of Universal, we’re excited to have played a part in their latest achievement.”
“RNP 0.3 is a very significant Ops Approval in that it proves that the Universal platform is very suitable for this kind of operation,” said Steve Bush, Flight Operations Manager of Horizon Air. “It’s important to mention the support we received from the Universal Avionics Engineering team. They were a tremendous factor in helping Horizon Air in gaining this authorization,” Steve continued.