LOT B767 suffers landing gear failure

The official Twitter feed of Warsaw Chopin Airport shows the stricken Boeing 767 at the centre of a gear up drama finally on its own wheels.
“The next stage of the operation is remove B767 from the runway and inspect runway technical condition,” stated the airport.
Airport Fire Brigade and specialists from the LOT and Boeing continue the process of preparing the aircraft to remove it from runway, it adds.
Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport has remained closed following the emergency landing of a LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767-300 after its landing gear failed to deploy.
All 230 passengers on board were safely evacuated during the November 1 incident.
There was no blaze but firefighters hosed the aircraft with water and foam as a precautionary measure.
All flights had been cancelled to and from the airport although operations are expected to recommence at 23.00 local time this evening.

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