DSNA awards Thales 4-FLIGHT contract

French air navigation service provider DSNA has awarded Thales a framework agreement and the first development contract for the 4-FLIGHT ATM system.
This 10-year renewable agreement structures the long term collaboration between the DSNA and Thales for the development of the system, its deployment in all DSNA en-route centres and major approaches by 2020 and its future technological evolution.
The 4-FLIGHT programme is based on the COFLIGHT Flight Data Processing system, a new human-machine interface in an electronic and stripless environment, with new controller help tools.
This contract includes the development of the first operational version of 4-FLIGHT (V-OPS), its deployment in two en-route centres (ACC Reims and ACC Aix-en-Provence) by 2015, and operational evaluation of this new system to prepare its implementation in the Paris region.
Additional contracts will be awarded for the development of the target version of 4-FLIGHT (V-Target), its deployment in the five ACCs and major approaches – including those in the Paris area – and the evolution of these deployed systems.
Maurice Georges, DSNA director, said “4-FLIGHT will provide an appreciable foundation for the SESAR programme. By using COFLIGHT, 4-FLIGHT will enable us to meet SESAR requirements and will be fully interoperable with other European ANSP ATM systems.”
He added that 4-FLIGHT will support the free route and flexible use of airspace concepts for efficient operations.
He stressed that controllers and technicians have been involved in the development process since the beginning of system development, in order to guarantee a better acceptance of new tools and new working methods.
Jean-Loïc Galle, senior vice president of Thales for air operations, said: “Thanks to this co-operation, we will be able to expand Thales´s new ATM product line, by adapting it to the complexity and density of traffic that is managed by the French ATC centres. 4-FLIGHT will allow us to propose solutions to our customers for progressive migration as part of our European product policy. Our ability to be technologically innovative will ensure the long-term success of the 4-FLIGHT programme and its compliance with the regulatory framework of the Single European Sky initiative.”