RNAV1 mandatory at Schiphol from November 2012

As from 15 November 2012, an operational RNAV1 approval will be mandatory around the clock for air traffic to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM).
This requirement has already been in place for some years during night hours. The mandate is part of the international implementation of the PBN concept (Performance Based Navigation).
At the core of this concept is the gradual decommisioning of conventional navigation beacons such as VOR and NDB and the increasing use of satellite navigation.
PBN implementation has a positive effect on safety, efficiency and the environment and will reduce costs for the airspace users.
The RNAV1 mandate requires all instrument traffic (IFR) with destination Schiphol (EHAM) to hold an RNAV1 or P-RNAV approval. Such approval must meet the requirements as laid down in JAA TGL-10 or equivalent, and concerns e.g. cockpit equipment, flight training and documentation. The approval will be added to the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by the airline operator’s state of registry national authority.
The mandate has been communicated via aviation circular AIC-A 02/11 dated 19 May 2011. Aircraft operators need to take adequate action in order to obtain an RNAV1 approval from the aviation authority in their State of registry. State aircraft are exempted.