LightSquared hits back with FCC petition

LightSquared is challenging the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to clarify its right to use its assigned radio spectrum to build a ground-based broadband network.
In a petition filed on December 20, the US broadband service wholesaler reiterates its claim that those manufacturers of GPS devices that are affected by broadband signals are themselves to blame for the interference.
“It recently has become apparent that the commercial GPS industry has manufactured, and sold to unsuspecting consumers, unlicensed and poorly designed GPS receivers that ´listen´ for radio signals both in the ´RNSS´ frequency band in which the US GPS system is intended to operate, as well as across the adjacent ´MSS´ frequency band that is not intended for GPS use, and in which LightSquared is licensed,” states the petition signed off by Jeffrey J. Carlisle, LightSquared executive vice president, regulatory affairs and public policy
LightSquared adds that the Commission can and should declare that manufacturers and users of unlicensed commercial GPS receivers lack standing to file complaints or other pleadings seeking “protection” from allegedly incompatible operations in adjacent MSS bands—including ATC operations—that are permitted by the Commission’s rules and the US Table of Frequency Allocations.
Further, LightSquared adds that any costs of ensuring that GPS devices are compatible with adjacent band operations—including any costs necessary to retrofit legacy devices—are the responsibility of GPS manufacturers—or, at a minimum, are not the obligation of the MSS/ATC licensees.