PBN Go Team visit Germany

The PBN Go Team visited Germany in early December, hosted by German air navigation service provider Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS).
The Global PBN Task Force (TF) was created in 2008 and agreed to the formation of Go Teams as a key means of providing expertise from a pool of service provider, regulator, and industry subject matter experts to assist States with PBN implementation.
ICAO, IATA and CANSO are in agreement that the primary work these organisations can do in the PBN area is to assist States, airlines and ANSPs in removing roadblocks to operational deployment.
The main objectives of the Global PBN TF initiatives, including its Go- Teams, is to help bring States to the implementation stage through direct technical assistance, training seminars, assessments and surveys, expert advice, presenting guidance material, assisting with project plans development, and continued support and assistance throughout the implementation stage.
ICAO, IATA and CANSO were represented during this visit, but also representatives of Jeppesen, MITRE, Hughes Aerospace and the International Federation of Air Lines Pilots Associations (IFALPA) were part of the team.
The audience comprised of airlines, airports, DFS, the German CAA, and research organisations such as DLR.
The first day saw the Go Team organisations explain the process, and share best practice. The subsequent days were for two parallel sessions in which procedure design and certification were discussed in more detail. The meeting went well, and contributed to the production of a detailed implementation plan, which is the next step in the process.
During this phase, the implementation will be supported by IFSET (ICAO Fuel Savings Estimation Tool) calculations to provided an estimation of fuel savings, based on the detailed implementation plan. CANSO will also support the implementation of the plan to the maximum extent possible, providing best practices and expert knowledge when requested by the involved ANSP.
The Go Team activities in Germany are the first that are supported by CANSO from the first steps in the process. Visits have already taken place in Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Kenya.