Huerta urged to stay the NextGen course

The aviation industry is urging the new chief of the Federal Aviation Administration to stay the course that was mapped out by his predecessor, Randy Babbitt, according to a Washington blogger.
Keith Laing who pens the transportation blog at The Hill writes that Steve Lott, the vice president of Airlines for America, said Babbitt´s replacement Michael Huerta is taking the lead at a crucial time.
“The FAA administrator plays an important role in leading the NextGen projects,” Lott is reported as saying, referring to the FAA’s plans to upgrade the navigation system used by the aviation industry.
“FAA leadership is the difference between success and failure in realizing the benefits of NextGen for all stakeholders,” Lott continues. “Accelerating the deployment of NextGen technologies; designing new routes; and implementing new airspace and procedures will produce material improvements in the operational performance and fuel efficiency of aircraft using those procedures.”

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