CANSO report provides insight into ATM performance

CANSO has published the latest edition of its Air Navigation Services (ANS) Performance report (16MB), providing an insight into the productivity, cost-effectiveness, price, revenue and profitability of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) worldwide for the period 2006-2010.
The purpose of the CANSO ANS Performance Report is to support the identification of industry best practice and encourage collaborative dialogue between ANSPs, their customers (the airlines) and other industry stakeholders. CANSO believes that by publishing extensive ANSP performance data, aviation stakeholders will be better placed to identify areas for improvement and work together to develop solutions.
This year’s ANS Performance Report, which is the second to be made public, includes data from 29 CANSO Member ANSPs from all over the world, with representation from the US, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.
Given the broad global coverage of the report, the type of data collected and a number of external factors, specific or simplistic conclusions regarding individual or collective ANSP performance can not be drawn. However, the report does highlight a number of general industry trends for the period 2009-2010:
* The global economic downturn and the start of the recovery in 2010 had a direct impact on ANSP performance.
* ANSP productivity has improved. While the global air traffic controller workforce decreased by 0.1% the number of IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) hours increased by 0.2%.
* Based on data from 22 ANSPs, air navigation costs increased by 1.4% while total ANS revenues increased by 3.3%.
CANSO Director General Graham Lake said: “CANSO Member ANSPs are committed to transparency and I am delighted with the increasing participation in our global benchmarking activities. The data contained in this year’s report is the most comprehensive yet and will prove invaluable as we look to engage our industry partners in constructive dialogue.”
CANSO aims to continue developing its global benchmarking performance metrics across all areas of ANSP activity, such as safety, environment, human resources, operational complexity and quality of service.

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