Defence and Airservices outline future ATC system

The Australian Defence Force and Airservices Australia have reaffirmed their commitment to greater harmonisation at an industry supplier briefing session in Canberra.
The joint industry brief is a key milestone in the project to procure a single ATM system for military and civilian use under the shared vision of ‘One Team. One System. One Sky.’
It follows Defence receiving first pass approval and Airservices approval of its Board to conduct the country’s first joint acquisition process for an ATM system.
Airservices Chief Executive Officer Greg Russell said the project came at an important time in Australia’s civil-military aviation relationship.
“We have a unique opportunity in which both the military and civilian air traffic management systems are approaching the end of their life. This presents a generational opportunity to procure a single air traffic management platform for Australia,” Russell said.
He said such a platform had key benefits for both organisations.
“A single national ATM system will remove the inherent limitations from separately managed pockets of airspace and the constraints of operating different systems with separate databases. It will enable better management and prioritisation of an increasingly complex traffic mix in terms of flexible use of airspace,” Russell said.
Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Geoff Brown told the industry group the delivery of a national system was a critical enabler for broader harmonisation objectives.
“Defence considers this project as vitally important to our ability to increase military capability into the future. It will enable Airservices and Defence to dynamically manage airspace volumes and could ultimately enable a less restrictive airspace construct to enhance both military and civilian operations,” Brown said.
He said the process offered opportunity for improved efficiency for all airspace users, for Defence and Airservices to further cooperate and harmonise their operations, for Defence to increase its military capability, and for industry suppliers to offer innovative solutions to meet these goals.
Harmonisation activities between Airservices and Defence were one of the key initiatives set out in the Government’s National Aviation Policy White Paper released in December 2009.

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