NTSB’s Hersman touted for top FAA job

NTSB's Hersman touted for top FAA job

Politico, the American political journalism organisation, is touting the current National Transportation Safety Board chief as a possible contender for the top job at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Former FAA chief Randy Babbitt’ resigned from the post earlier this month after his arrest for drink driving, forcing the Department of Transportation chief Ray LaHood to name his deputy Michael Huerta as interim replacement
While a permanent nominee might fall prey to current US politics, Politico’s pundits venture that Deborah Hersman is a front runner.
“The NTSB chief was mentioned by several industry sources for her strong safety record — and her career aspirations. There’s precedent for the transition: Marion Blakey jumped from the NTSB to head of the FAA in 2002,” said Politico.
“It helps that Hersman went through a rigorous Senate confirmation process when she was approved for the NTSB in 2004. Since then, she has been an outspoken voice for the NTSB and is especially familiar to Washingtonians who were glued to TVs after a devastating Metro crash in 2009 spurred an investigation into the city’s subway system.”

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