Swedish aviation slows down after strong year

Air traffic in Swedish airspace is still on the increase despite growth figures showing a decline.
This is demonstrated by the statistics for November 2011 which show an increase of 4 per cent in flight traffic compared to November 2010.
“Despite a relatively clear increase which will most probably continue throughout December, there are numerous indications of a slowing down in traffic growth. This depends largely on the looming concern regarding an economic crisis,” says Lars Ahlm, Business Analyst at LFV.
In November, domestic traffic increased by almost 3 per cent. En route traffic (traffic that neither starts nor lands in Sweden) and international traffic rose by 5 per cent and 4 per cent respectively. After 11 months, the total number of flight operations reached 654 000 which points towards a fulfilment of LFV’s forecast of 705 000 flights during 2011.
“An early indication of a change in the trend is demonstrated firstly by freight operations. Since this sector is experiencing a decline we can also expect lower passenger volumes in the future if the historical pattern continues. It is only a matter of time before we experience a decreased market capacity and therefore, fewer airspace operations,” said Ahlm.

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