NAV Portugal, ONDA and TAP Portugal work together on shorter routings

The ONATAP consortium, working in the framework of the AIRE programme and cosponsored by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, involving two Air Navigation Service Providers – NAV Portugal and ONDA (Office National Des Aéroports), from Morocco – and a major airline – TAP Portugal concluded recently the implementation and evaluation of shorter flight courses from a combination of free route airspace at Lisboa FIR and direct route creation at Casablanca FIR.
New flight paths lead to an average time saving of 2:32 minutes per flight and a reduction of 167 kg in fuel consumption, with consequent decrease of 526 kg in CO2 emissions. This represents an average saving of about 285USD/213€ for each flight.
Those trials are a culmination of one year of collaboration between the different partners, with a flight trial period of five months, from June to October. Demonstrations were performed with TAP Portugal medium and long-range aircraft, A319, A320, A321, A330 and A340, operating across Lisboa and Casablanca FIRs, departing from Portugal (Lisbon) to Africa (Dakar, Bissau, Bamako, Accra, Luanda and Maputo).
In order to accomplish the proposed objective, the consortium identified three key points: to take advantage of the flexibility of the Lisbon free route airspace (FRAL), the creation of a new significant point on the Lisboa/Casablanca FIRs common border and the implementation of two new direct routes in the Casablanca FIR.
Considering the key points it was possible to fly an almost direct course from the main airports in the Lisbon FIR to the south boundary of the Casablanca FIR.
In addition to environmental benefits, regional stakeholders concluded that the increased collaboration and exchange of information raised the situational awareness of traffic and may foster future developments on the flights operation.