Serbia, Montenegro sign air traffic agreement

Serbia and Montenegro’s transport ministers have signed up to an agreement on bilateral cooperation in the field of air traffic management.
The cooperation agreement is an umbrella document that provides opportunities for further cooperation between the aviation authorities of the two countries.
Ministers said that the agreement should strengthen the position of Serbia and Montenegro in relation to the Single European Sky agreement.
Chairman of the Management Board of Air Traffic Control Agency of Serbia and Montenegro Nikola Stankov said that Europe wants the current 54 air traffic control centres to be reduced to five, six or seven through their merger into separate functional airspace blocks (FAB).
Stankov said that the joint agency of Serbia and Montenegro currently also covered 55 per cent of the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a small part of Croatia’s airspace.
Stankov said that in the future, Serbia and Montenegro could admit other neighbouring countries to the mini-block and form a larger one.