Green summit to outline ATM fuel savings

CANSO, ATAG, ACI, IATA and ICCAIA hold the Sixth Aviation & Environment Summit (President Wilson Hotel, Geneva) between 21 – 22 March.
Aviation’s experts and stakeholders will debate sustainable development, scale-up challenges for biofuels, emissions reductions and environmental benefits through infrastructure and more.
Summit registration also includes free participation in one of three industry-led workshops on: airport sustainability; ATM fuel savings opportunities; and aviation biofuels.
CANSO and Boeing are organising the ATM fuel savings opportunities workshop to explore the essential steps that aviation stakeholders must take to deliver a more fuel efficient air traffic management system that is capable of meeting current and future demand.
CANSO and Boeing will present a joint paper detailing results from ATM operational improvements and the ongoing work of the CANSO Environment Workgroup will be explained.
See  for the latest Summit programme updates, accommodation information and more.

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