Intelcan deploys SKYNAV ILS in Zimbabwe

Intelcan has deployed its SKYNAV ILS N8000 at the J.M. Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
As the only ILS system in the airport, Runway 13 is now equipped to the highest operational standard.
Intelcan’s SKYNAV ILS benchmark features provide optimal use of hardware and exceptional remote support through its advanced central monitoring capability: A feature that permits centrally controlling all SKYNAV ILS systems, throughout the country.
The remote control (RC) and remote monitoring maintenance (RMM) functions can be achieved through one single link and permit maintenance personnel to connect from one site to another, over a TCP/IP connection – enabling efficient maintenance and commissioning.
To reduce operating costs and extend the lifecycle of the equipment, SKYNAV ILS’ hot standby transmitter can be configured to operate on half power.

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