Universal partners with ATI on FANS training

Universal Avionics Systems Corporation has partnered with Air Training International Ltd. (ATI) to provide Future Air Navigation System (FANS) operational training for UniLink® UL-800/801 Airborne Datalink System.
Universal Avionics has committed to provide guidance for its customers during the FANS operational approval process, and this unique collaboration with ATI will help operators meet the necessary training requirements.
“To continue providing world-class support, we viewed ATI’s flexibility to meet the training needs of our customers as a great resource” said Dan Reida, Universal’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Support.
“With longstanding experience in international procedures training, ATI’s experts are skilled in providing a tailored curriculum that will be of exceptional benefit to FANS operators,” he added.
Universal’s UniLink UL-80X Communication Management Unit (CMU) is a new Airborne Datalink System providing operation and control of digital communications between the pilot and Air Traffic Control (ATC).
The UL-80X affords datalink opportunities for messaging, flight plan uploading, pre-departure and other clearances, automatic position reporting, ETA updates, digital ATIS and text weather information such as TAF, METAR, SIGMETS, winds aloft, and TWIP. Developed in full compliance with DO-178B Level C guidelines and FANS 1/A standards, the UL-80X is also provisioned to comply with the European Link2000+ mandate (2015).
Upcoming mandates have prompted increased interest in Universal’s UniLink UL-80X among operators in regions affected. The mandate in the North Atlantic, requiring Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract (ADS-C) within specified areas brings the need for international operators to receive academic and operational use training for their FANS operational approval

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