Saab promoting Indian remote tower solution

Saab has presented its remote tower solution to both the Airports Authority of India and the country’s Director General of Civil Aviation, according to media reports.
Saab’s first system will be operational in Sweden this August and two more systems are on trial in Australia and in Norway, “We are talking to India for the possibility of adapting it,” Michael Sahlberg of Saab India Technologies told local media.
The remote tower-based ATC system features high resolution digital cameras, pan-tilt camera with zoom capabilities, video encoding, microphones, signal light gun, meteorological sensors and integrated towers systems (lights, navigational aids, distress alarms etc).
“It requires a change of mindset to go into this advanced system. There is no chapter on remote towers in the ICAO rule book at present. We intend to convince countries through trials over a period,” Sahlberg told Business Line at the India Aviation-2012 conference.
“We have made presentations to the Airports Authority of India and the Director General Civil Aviation and hope to get a positive feedback to move to the next stage,” he added.