SYSGO, a supplier of embedded software solutions for safety and security applications, has had its DO-178B certified software-based AFDX (Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet) solution selected by Sirio Panel for an actual avionics application running on Freescale’s QorIQ dual-core P2020 architecture.
The SIRIO PANEL equipment is a Data Transfer Device (DTD) system that provides a mass storage function for avionics systems. During in-flight operations avionics systems send data to the DTD and request data from the DTD. Data are exchanged via different communication busses using ARINC 615A, TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and NFS (Network File Server) network protocols.
Management of data stored in the DTD non-volatile area can be performed during on-ground operations for maintenance purpose. The DTD provides different connection ports to host Compact Flash, Secure Digital, AFDX, Ethernet, WLAN and USB external devices.
Once an external device is connected to the DTD equipment, it is possible to transfer files between the external device and the internal storage area, except for the AFDX port that directly connects to the avionics equipment internal AFDX network. The DTD equipment provides an LCD display and a keyboard to implement an HMI function to manage file transfer operations. During in-flight conditions DTD external ports are disabled in order to avoid interaction with avionics systems.
This DTD avionics equipment is based on Freescale’s QorIQ dual-core P2020 communications processor. One core of the P2020 runs ELinOS, the industrial embedded Linux product from SYSGO, and the other core is dedicated to an AFDX End-System, a DO-178B certifiable software-based technology from SYSGO.
“We are very pleased to benefit from SYSGO’s technology and expertise for this actual avionics equipment,” said Patrizio Bollini, Marketing and Programs Director at Sirio Panel. “SYSGO offers a perfect complementary port-folio to our platforms with field-proven RTOSs and a unique software-based AFDX implementation that has already been DO-178B certified.”
‘Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet’ (ARINC-664 Part7) is a deterministic aircraft data network bus system for public avionic transportation, railway and military systems. The network is based on standard IEEE802.3 Ethernet technology. The benefit of using commercial off-the shelf (COTS) Ethernet components is to lower overall costs for the aircraft network.
Hardware components, cables and test equipment for Ethernet are field proven and much more affordable than the previously used avionics specific solutions. Ethernet itself won’t meet avionics network requirements. Therefore, AFDX implementations, including SYSGO’s portable AFDX solution, extend the Ethernet standard by adding Quality of Service (QoS) and deterministic behavior with a guaranteed dedicated bandwidth. This avionics data network was first used in the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Airbus and Boeing are currently extending the usage of AFDX in new developments.
With its portable AFDX component, SYSGO offers the first completely genuine software stack fully compliant with ARINC-664 Part 7. SYSGO’s solution consists of an ARINC-664 Node implementation and a very small footprinted host driver. ICMP and SNMP run on the ARINC-664 Node without host assistance. The configuration of the ARINC-664 Node can be done through the host driver which uses an XML based configuration file. This flexibility enables SYSGO’s AFDX solution to be used in several environments simply by changing the configuration.