ATC Global: Show News In Brief

Campbell Scientific 

Loughborough, UK-based Campbell Scientific came to ATC Global to launch the CS135 LIDAR Ceilometer. The CS135 measures cloud height and vertical visibility for aviation applications. Utilising LIDAR technology, the instrument transmits fast, low-power laser pulses into the atmosphere and detects back-scattered returns from clouds and aerosols above. The CS135s novel split-lens design increases optical signal-to-noise ratio compared to other instruments while maintaining Class 1M eye-safety.


Czech Republic-based CS SOFT launched its front-end converter for ATC systems that have not been adapted to process new flight plan format. It works between the source of messages which contain flight data information in the new format (AFTN, AHMS) and ATC system, which processes flight data in the present format. ALS, a complete ATC system equipped with Safety Nets and datalink (ADS-C, CPDLC) features suitable for use in ACC or APP centres will also be demonstrated. Able to receive data from any surveillance source, including multilateration, benefits are low life cycle costs and quick remote maintenance.


DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung presented several new functionalities to its in-house solutions at ATC Global 2012.

The weather data display system METFROG can display current, future and past weather situations, together with information tailored to the relevant controller working position such as sector boundaries.

The display of the stored weather data supports, among other things, the analysis of meteorological conditions in connection with incident investigations.

In addition, with regards the DFS training simulators for en-route, approach and aerodrome control, it is now possible to control exercises from outside via a tablet. In this way, the training supervisor can directly monitor the controllers during the exercises and intervene in the training scenario as required.

DW International

With the recent news that the Hong Kong has announced that all aircraft flying SIDs and STARs within the Hong Kong FIR must be approved for Basic-RNP 1 from 2013, UK-based consultancy DW International is promoting its prediction service to airlines.

To ensure operators can benefit from all the advantages of RNP operations, DW International has developed the GNSS RAIM/RNP Prediction Service specifically to support PBN operations such as Basic-RNP 1 and RNP4, as well as RNP AR Approach down to 0.1NM.

GRPS can be accessed via a web-based user interface or can be directly integrated into an operator’s own flight planning system or third party systems.

DW International will be showcasing the service which helps the RNAV community in its efforts to meet PBN guidelines and State requirements and seamlessly integrates into existing systems and operations.

Eizo Nanao Corporation 

Eizo Technologies (EIZO) launched the Raptor SQ2802, a 2K x 2K monitor for ATC incorporating EIZO eBlue LED backlight technology.

With EIZO eBlue LED, the monitor achieves a brightness of 350 cd/m2 while consuming just 120 watts. At 70 cd/m2 it requires merely 60 watts. Additionally, the eBlue LED backlight has a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours.

The EIZO eBlue LED also provides superior brightness uniformity across the screen and less color shift. This ensures more consistent brightness distribution and color reproduction which is typically difficult to achieve with larger monitors.

Guntermann & Drunck 

Several Guntermann & Drunck products, including KVM extenders, switches and matrix switches were launched at ATC Global 2012.

In addition to their efficient video bandwidth, Guntermann & Drunck’s high quality devices offer special security features such as redundancy concepts and preventive monitoring providing the system safety required in ATC.

DL-Vision will be demonstrated at the show, which improves working by obtaining more space for ATCOs. Computers can be based in dedicated plant rooms and computer signals such as high resolution video (dual-link DVI bandwidth up to 4K), keyboard, mouse, audio, RS232 are transmitted by fibre optics. Especially for ATC mission critical applications, several safety features are included.

QinetiQ North America 

QinetiQ North America launched a new Runway Incursion Alerting System (RIAS) at the show. RIAS is low cost, highly configurable and scalable for any size airport, adaptable for all operational needs, interfaces with other existing systems, and satisfies ICAO’s definition of Runway Incursion plus wildlife to provide pilots and vehicle operators with runway occupancy status and immediate warning of potential runway conflicts.

Rohde & Schwarz

The R&S Series 420 Software Defi ned Radios/VHF/UHF radio family for ATC communications will be demonstrated by Rohde & Schwarz. The R&S Series 420 represents the latest generation of stationary radios for both civil and military air traffic control. Possible applications range from small airport emergency systems requiring only a few radio channels, to countrywide communications systems with several hundred radio channels.


The SkyManager ATM-system developed by DFS, SkySoft-ATM and SITA was showcased at this year’s ATC Global. Designed for air traffic control at area control centres as well as approach and tower facilities, its modular structure featuring components like air situation display, multi sensor data fusion and controller support tools are easily adapted to any environment.


France’s Telerad launched its TELERAD ANT9009H transmit antenna for GBAS VHF Data Broadcast. It is composed of two levels of H-POL orthogonal half-wave dipoles and it provides an omnidirectional semi-hemispheric pattern.


MxVision AviationSentry Online, which provides real-time weather, forecasts, and decision-support information for operations anywhere in the world and designed to meet any aviation requirement, was launched at ATC Global by Spain’s Telvent.

Telvent’s AWOS, Telvent’s Automated Weather Observation System will also be demonstrated  as we ll as its ATIS solution that Oslo Airport – ranked Europe’s most efficient airport in 2011 – together with Belgocontrol and Madrid Barajas Airport rely on for their terminal area operations.

TMD Technologies 

UK transmitter specialist TMD Technologies Airport Radar Surveillance System will be was launched at the show. TMD Technologies has been active in ATC radar for over 30 years and in 2008 launched and fielded a brand new S band radar transmitter, the PTX7602. Subsequently TMD has been developing its own receiver/exciter and signal processor to offer a safe and reliable turnkey solution to S-band ASR requirements.

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