Europe’s RNP AR 0.1 debuts with Atlantic A319

Atlantic Airways has taken delivery of an Airbus A319 that will allow it to become the first airline in Europe to use one of the most precise satellite-assisted Performance-Based Navigation approaches.

The 144-seat aircraft has been customised for operations out of the airline’s Vágar base in the Faroes Island and that includes Europe’s first Required Navigation Procedure Authorisation Required (RNP AR 0.1) procedure developed by Airbus flight operations consultancy, Quovadis.

Once the system is approved by the Danish Civil Aviation Authority, it will enable the aircraft to achieve greater operational reliability in the Faroe Islands which can be affected by low cloud and turbulence.

“Atlantic Airways decided to implement the most advanced technology to serve the interest of its operations best and to take full advantage of its Airbus aircraft’s capabilities,” said Paul Franck Bijou, CEO of Quovadis.

The new instrument-based approach pattern for Vágar will, in effect, mimic the approach path that would be adopted by flight crew in visual meteorological conditions (VMC). Additionally, by incorporating data on turbulence patterns the number of diversions required could be significantly reduced compared with the airline’s current fleet of Avro RJ aircraft.

When flying under VMC, the flight crew optimises the flight path because they can see where they are. With RNP-AR the aim is to design trajectories as if flying under VMC and that requires close collaboration between experienced pilots and procedure designers.

Atlantic Airways and Quovadis have drawn upon the knowledge and experience gained in New Zealand and Alaska in designing the system for the Faroe Islands. Atlantic Airways has also signed a contract for three crews to undertake line training with Air New Zealand and will continue to work closely with Quovadis in the run-up to implementation of RNP AR.

The airline and its partners all work to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulation, as set out in AMC 2026-2027, as well as ICAO PBN Manual guidelines and FAA AC 90-101.

The Airbus A319 will make a proving flight to and from Keflavík, Iceland, on Sunday March 25, before entering service on the Faroe Islands to Copenhagen route on Wednesday March 28.


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