ATNS, ENAV sign business development deal

South African air navigation service provider ATNS is to partner Italian counterpart ENAV to explore developing joint commercial activities in foreign markets.

ATNS CEO, Patrick Dlamini co-signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Massimo Garbini, CEO of ENAV, and the Italian Company for Air Navigation Services which established a formal framework of co-operation.

“This agreement is an important aspect forming part of the panorama of ENAV Services, which we deem to be necessary for improving our position in other markets. This is a further step forward in Italian industrial cooperation, which has often been a limitation for the Italian industrial offer,” said Garbini.

In concluding the deal, Dlamini said: “We are very excited about this particular cooperation that we are entering into with ENAV. It will help us to deepen our skills, know- how and extend our services to the rest of the African continent and elsewhere”.

ATNS has just concluded an extensive study into the African continent – which has two objectives. Firstly, to have a better understanding of the continent’s aviation market and secondly, to find meaningful ways to add value.

This study has culminated in our Ten Year Business Plan, which outlines ATNS’s vision in terms of the provision of services and products for the next decade. In the near future, ATNS said it embark on a number of extensive visits to selected African countries, in an effort to unpack the opportunities that have been identified.

ATNS will also host the CANSO safety and security conference in Cape Town from 28 October to 2 November.

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